Friday, August 31, 2012

Life is getting harder

*sighs* $40'000 hospital bill for Frank, Immigration breathing down our necks about him, bills piling up, only so much food in the house... PLUS I've lost two friends and one lover this past week because of MY pathological honesty and THEM turning out to be ridiculously shallow. PLUS I STILL haven''t figured out how I'm going to pay to apply to sponsor Frank for citizenship before the November deadline, and the Fraser Health collection staff won't stop calling me.

*sighs* Focusing on getting my SRS is the ONLY thing keeping me sane, because everytime I see someone I love feeling bad that they can't help me I feel like I'm the worst person on earth for upsetting the people I love.

Maybe once I've lost weight and have a vagina I can do hetero porn.

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