Friday, August 31, 2012

Life is getting harder

*sighs* $40'000 hospital bill for Frank, Immigration breathing down our necks about him, bills piling up, only so much food in the house... PLUS I've lost two friends and one lover this past week because of MY pathological honesty and THEM turning out to be ridiculously shallow. PLUS I STILL haven''t figured out how I'm going to pay to apply to sponsor Frank for citizenship before the November deadline, and the Fraser Health collection staff won't stop calling me.

*sighs* Focusing on getting my SRS is the ONLY thing keeping me sane, because everytime I see someone I love feeling bad that they can't help me I feel like I'm the worst person on earth for upsetting the people I love.

Maybe once I've lost weight and have a vagina I can do hetero porn.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Word About Trans Erotica

After once again slogging through the cesspool that is Literotica's "Transsexuals & Crossdressers" section, I very much NEED to say the following.


You have every right to have sexual fantasies ABOUT us, if women like us are what turns your crank. You have NO right to treat like that is all we are or all we are good for. We do not exist to provide masturbation material for closeted gay men who want us so they can play with cock and pretend they're straight. (I stress this because straight men who happen to fall for trans women generally aren't actually trans fetishists and don't seek out "tranny" porn).

Also, we are not sissies or spineless men who get off on anyone "forcing us" to look like little girls. If you want to WRITE about sissies and forced femme, fine, just stop writing as if every woman with outdoor plumbing is just a sissy man forced into a dress for a domination fantasy.

Finally, stop lumping us in with fetishist crossdressers. I'm not talking about the shy "men" who dress in secret, feeling shamed about it, looking in the mirror alone at home wishing the mirror was the truth. THOSE are closeted trans women who haven't faced their demons and found their true selves yet. I'm talking horny men who put on lingerie and act like porn sluts to fet off on it, but who at the end of the day take the costume off and happily g back to being men. These men are NOT trns women. Stop lumping us in with them as if we're all just men in drag.

Trans women are not sexual fantasies on legs created for you to fucking fap to. We are WOMEN, PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS. We are women who have real lives, and real dreams, and real feelings. And yes, many of us are sexual, with sexual lives, but that is PART of us, NOT who we ARE. We're bloody ALLOWED to be sexual without some creep turning that into the only thing of any value about us.

I'm an intersexed woman, I stand with my trans sisters. We are ALL women with extra bits. But we ARE women. If we turn you on, so be it. But stop treating us like that's the only thing we're good for.