Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I Loved the NXT1 Beatdown Tonight

The NXT beatdown.

For no apparent reason, in the middle of a match between John Cena & CM Punk, in case any of you didn't see Raw tonight, NXT 1 winner Wade Barrett came down to the ring and distracted John Cena. At first it looked like they were going to play a "New guy punks Champ to make name for himself" angle, wherein Barrett's distraction would allow Punk to get a cheap win over Cena. Given how ludicrously dull and predictable the writing on Raw has been for far too long now, no one would fault me for assuming that.

And then the other 7 guys from NXT 1 came out of the crowd and beat down CM Punk's cronies, then punk, then staerted on Cena. They also knocked out Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker, (we all notice Cole got the fuck outta Dodge lest Brian Danielson went after him), choked out the bloody ring announcer, beat up the referee, and then proceeded to DESTROY THE GODDAMN RING.

It was truly something new, something different, and while a lot of writers in the IWC, myself included, are confused to high hell as to exactly what the hell happened and why, it was DEFINITELY a damned good thing to have happen on Raw.

Yeah it confused the hell out of me but it was still bloody awesome, for two reasons.

1- It was, as Wade Barrett promised earlier, something we've never seen before. I've been a wrestling fan for decades and I've watched matches from all eras dating back to any existing footage of guys like George Hackendschidt, and I honestly cannot EVER recall a gang beatdown that involved actually destroying the ring and taking out everyone at ringside within reach. It was FINALLY something fresh, unique and different, which we can all agree Raw DESPERATELY needed.

2- My wife and I are STILL talking about the implications, and my wife barely ever actually gets drawn in by anything on wrestling anymore, and she too is a lifelong fan. We're STILL discussing all the possibilities of what this means or where it will lead, and we'll both DEFINITELY be watching next week to find out, and isn't that what a good angle is supposed to do? Make you really really want to tune in next week to see what happens? Whatever you think about the NXT beatdown, I garauntee if you watched Raw tonight, you were talking about it, and that is a refreshing change. I hope to god the writers don't blow the heat and interest this generated.

BTW, did anyone else notice CM Punk break his cowardly heel character long enough to jump into the ring severely outnumbered and try to get a few shots in on the NXT crew? This seems to be continuing an odd trend of the better pros on NXT1 breaking character and appearing to shoot. For example when both Punk and William Regal made no bones about visibly publicly agreeing with Danial Bryan Danielson that he's way better than Miz. Given both are supposed to be smug arrogant heels it's certainly noit in character for them to publicly support and agree with a face at the expense of a fellow heel. Punk trying to get revenge on the rookies and still getting dusted gives them more credibility.

I will be very impressed if somehow this new young nWo'esque faction was the idea from the beginning. I can only hope that NXT 1 recruits Rotunda, Hennig and Low-Ki from NXT 2, with an angle about saving them from the 'E's stupidity, (Bad names for Windham and Joe, worthless Pros for Low-Ki). But that would just be TOO perfect and I'm not going to jinx all this awesomeness by asking for too much more of it.

I will be a very happy fangirl if we all learn that the 'E swerved us from the beginning, because it will give me hope again that wrestling remembers how to be interesting after all.

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